Dr. Sandra Hunter

Professor of Exercise Physiology

Professor Sandra Hunter, PhD is Director of the Neuromuscular Physiology of Movement laboratory in the Exercise Science Program, Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University where she has been on faculty since 2003. In 2019, Dr Hunter was named as Director of newly established Athletic and Human Performance Research Center at Marquette University.

Dr Hunter received her PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney studying neuromuscular function and strength training with aging. Dr Hunter spent four years as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder (1999-2003) under the mentorship of Professor Enoka researching the neural control of movement including age and sex differences in muscle fatigability.

Since being at Marquette University, Dr Hunter has received over $US 7 million in extramural grant funding for her research muscle fatigue in healthy and clinical populations (e.g. diabetes, aging, stroke, sex differences and women after child birth). She is currently the Principal Investigator on an R01 National Institutes of Aging grant examining the causes of muscle fatigue with aging and the protective effects of exercise. She has an active laboratory with several research assistants, postdoctoral research associates, graduate and many undergraduate research students. Professor Hunter has been a key note speaker at several international conferences on exercise fatigue in Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA.
Dr Hunter has authored over 100 journal and book chapter publications and she serves as an associate editor for several journals including Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and Exercise and Sport Science Reviews. She has been recognized for excellence in teaching, research and mentorship with various awards at Marquette University at the college and university wide level.

Dr Hunter is also regularly invited by the media on topics regarding exercise training and performance in young and older adults, sex differences in performance and in clinical populations such as those with diabetes.

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Deborah Hunter

Business Owner, Physiotherapist

Deborah is a clinically trained physiotherapist with over 30 years of broad experience investing in the health and well-being of her patients using evidence-based practice. Since completing her clinical degree training at the University of Sydney and University of NSW, Deborah has gained significant national and international clinical experience changing the lives of patients at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, the Royal Brompton Hospital, London and in country areas around Australia including the Northern Territory, Queensland and NSW. Deborah currently treats patients and leads a team of diverse and experienced clinicians in her expanding clinical private practice now situated in both Armidale and Tamworth, NSW. Clients range from youth to older adults offering a range of services including private consultations, home visits, wellness classes and consultations to aged care providers.

Deborah’s success and excellence as a clinician and business leader, which focuses on changing the lives of those who entrust their care to her, has resulted in a rapidly expanding clinic with several business awards from the NSW Business Chamber Awards including: ‘Excellence in Small Business New England North West NSW (2016), Most Outstanding Business New England North West Region (2016), Business Leader New England North West Region (2017) and New England Enterprising Woman Armidale Business Awards (2017).

Her vast wealth of clinical knowledge has led her to become passionate about the issues facing middle aged to older adults who wish to remain as active and functional as possible. This is critical in a time where we are living longer and working longer, a time in which older adults can continue to be independent with the physical ability to keep doing what is important to them.

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