How to achieve a great posture

Ever wonder what is at the heart of good posture, and how you get it? Poor posture can lead to muscle pain and fatigue, stress on your ligaments and joints, and can lead to arthritis. Good posture is reinforced by strong core stability, while stretching is an important practice that supports good posture. Read more to find out how you can avoid adverse positions, and some simple steps you can take to improve your posture. 


More intentional physical activity needed at home | Challenge 6

A call to action: be more physically active! During this time of stay-at-home orders and physical distancing related to COVID-19, it’s increasingly obvious that we need to plan, schedule and participate in more exercise activity than the 150 mins/week  currently endorsed by international organizations.  Specifically, the frequency, duration and distances related to walking activities and…

Have you struggled to introduce exercise into your daily life? Try our 10-minute march to fitness!

Developing the habit of exercise: the secret to success is incremental goal setting Success in many endeavours is the result of consistently achieving a goal that can be met even in difficult and very busy times.  This is also true in achieving a level of fitness, with exercise for health, well-being and getting stronger.  Adopting…