Run for your life!

Running is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, and when done on a regular a basis can have enormous health benefits.  You may already be a regular runner.
Or like many people, you have never considered running as an option and even be terrified by the thought. We provide helpful advice on how you can start or restart a regular running or walking regime. Even if you are already a regular runner, there are tips for you too.


Life behind (handle)bars

The benefits of cycling are numerous. Many people want to cycle but aren’t sure how to start. The following blog provides suggestions on how to engage in a targeted and regular training regime to help you become a stronger, more confident, life-long cyclist. We provide a structured exercise program specific to cycling — especially for beginners or those who have taken a hiatus from past cycling activity, although, even experienced riders will relate!


Keeping Active While Social Distancing  | Challenge 1

Keeping Active While Social Distancing  | Challenge 1 In this time of social distancing and self-quarantining that helps slow the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), how do we keep active and mentally healthy?  This is especially challenging in many parts of the world as schools, workplaces, gyms, and fitness classes are closed.  Exercise (even a single bout) can boost your…

Have you struggled to introduce exercise into your daily life? Try our 10-minute march to fitness!

Developing the habit of exercise: the secret to success is incremental goal setting Success in many endeavours is the result of consistently achieving a goal that can be met even in difficult and very busy times.  This is also true in achieving a level of fitness, with exercise for health, well-being and getting stronger.  Adopting…