Keeping Active While Social Distancing  | Challenge 1

In this time of social distancing and self-quarantining that helps slow the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), how do we keep active and mentally healthy?  This is especially challenging in many parts of the world as schools, workplaces, gyms, and fitness classes are closed.  Exercise (even a single bout) can boost your immune system and aid in your recovery from viruses and infection. So, let’s get moving!!! 

Here are a couple of ideas to exercise on your own, with a buddy or family members. 

  1. Get outdoors for a walk, run or hike.  Outdoor activities afford greater opportunities for social distancing at the recommended ~2 metres (6 feet) from others.
  2. Participate in our Exercise Challenge which can be indoors or outdoors. 


The Simpli Move Health 7-Day Challenge: Week 1  


The  Simpli Move Health  7-Day Challenge  involves six exercises that challenge the arms, core, gluts and legs and done in any order. 

  • Stretch for 2-3 minutes, prior to exercising 
  • Complete 20 repetitions of each individual exercise (20 seconds for the plank)   
  • Rest for 10 seconds between exercises  (Modified versions of the exercise are in parentheses)  

So here it is: 

  1.   Air squats (or mini air squats) 
  2.   Sit ups (or crunches) 
  3.   Push-ups (or wall push-ups or knee push-ups)  
  4.   Bridges 
  5.   Plank (or from the knees or with straight arms) 
  6.   Step Ups onto a chair (or onto a step)

To modify for different fitness levels, adjust the number of repetitions to 10 or 15 reps (easier), or 30 reps (challenging !).



View or download our Simpli Move Health 7-day Exercise Challenge 1


How do you keep yourself accountable? 

  1. Buddy up with a friend and text your friend when you have completed your exercises without breaking the seven-day streak! Send them an “accomplishment emoji”!   Day 1 ?; Day 2 ?…..
  2. Join us in our dedicated Facebook group. Let us know how you are going along the way.
  3. When you have completed the  Simpli Move Health 7 -day Challenge, inform us of your achievement on Facebook.  


We will post another challenge next week!