Middle aged man on a trek

Are you trek ready? Tips to build your endurance and upper body strength

In this the second blog of our series on trekking, we continue our trekking preparations whether it be in Iceland, the bush trails in Australia or for the Oxfam trailwalk.Whatever your goal, if you are attempting to walk or trek you will need to prepare yourself by increasing your strength and endurance capacity gradually. With graduating doses of repetitive load, skin, tendons and bones will become thicker, stronger and more resilient.

tips for quality sleep

Lack of sleep can be a pain in the neck. Try these five proven tips for great quality sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool – too little sleep slows recovery time from injury, and adversely affects overall physical and mental health.  Good quality sleep of 8 hours however, can improve the effects of ageing, and improve memory, healing from injuries and optimize well – being. The National Sleep Foundation of Australia recommends that adults between 18-64 years old have 7 to 9 hours sleep each night, and people over…