How to run 5 km in 6 weeks | 5 km Challenge

Have you ever wanted to build your endurance to run 5 km? Doing so requires training, motivation, determination and a plan to get there! This sort of goal can seem daunting.  Yet, with a regular and methodical training plan like we outline here, this undertaking is achievable for almost everyone! Not only will you work towards satisfying the American Heart Association’s recommendation of fulfilling…

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Get Moving During Social Distancing | Challenge 2

We need to get moving! Social, or physical distancing which is recommended to reduce the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) has altered our daily work and recreation patterns, leading to a much more sedentary lifestyle for many of us!  Presently, I am working remotely like many of you, which requires less walking, and my gym and swim classes are cancelled.  The number of steps I take in a typical day have been reduced by one-half. We know that Exercise (even a single…

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Keeping Active While Social Distancing  | Challenge 1

In this time of social distancing and self-quarantining that helps slow the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), how do we keep active and mentally healthy?  This is especially challenging in many parts of the world as schools, workplaces, gyms, and fitness classes are closed.  Exercise (even a single bout) can boost your immune system and aid in your recovery from viruses…

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Does exercise boost your immune system?

One of the great benefits of regular exercise is the boost it provides to the immune system.  Regular exercise protects against sickness for all people, but particularly in older aged people and those with chronic diseases (1).  This is shown to be the case with large population studies for both communicable diseases, such as bacterial and viral infections,…

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Back care for office workers

We are often adopting poor postures for greater amounts of time than we used to, mainly due to hi-tech gadgets including computers and smart phones. Sitting a lot in bad positions puts an unnatural load on the lumbar discs, the building blocks of our spine in our lower back. Problems with lumbar discs can be…

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