What are the consequences of inactivity? …increased risk of death! Ouch… get off the couch!

Our leisure, school and work time are increasingly spent watching screens while sitting such as television, computers, and socializing on small screens.  Consequently, we are becoming more sedentary during our average day, and spending less time doing physically active tasks. It’s much more convenient to email our work mate down the hallway instead of getting…

Middle aged man on a trek

Are you trek ready? Tips to build your endurance and upper body strength

In this the second blog of our series on trekking, we continue our trekking preparations whether it be in Iceland, the bush trails in Australia or for the Oxfam trailwalk.Whatever your goal, if you are attempting to walk or trek you will need to prepare yourself by increasing your strength and endurance capacity gradually. With graduating doses of repetitive load, skin, tendons and bones will become thicker, stronger and more resilient.