What is My AgeFit?

My AgeFit gives you advice and strategies about exercise and activity habits so you can move better, feel better and live longer. We are living and working longer than ever before. We want to enjoy life to the full and maintain our health and independence for as long as possible. Appropriate exercise can help you move better so you can live better and feel better. My AgeFit is designed to help you improve health, feelings of well-being, and independence as you age. We hope that you find the tips and accessible advice that we provide in our blog, move better. live better are useful in your everyday life. Sign up here to receive our blog in your inbox and if you have any topics you would like us to cover in the future please just let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Dr Sandra Hunter and Deborah Hunter


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Six actions for sustaining the exercise habit

Despite the mountain of evidence to support the long-term health benefits of exercise, the notion of ‘working out’ is rarely appealing. Subscribe to My AgeFit today and receive FREE:

Small Steps, Big Differences: Six Actions for Sustaining the Exercise Habit for simple ways to get you started!


Meet the Team

Deborah Hunter

Deborah’s passion has always been to help people move better for life, so they have the confidence and freedom to do what they want and need to do.
Deborah is an experienced physiotherapist who, having treated thousands of people, understands that evidence-based and age-appropriate activity, adapted to your individual capacity and lifestyle, will make the biggest impact to your quality of life as you age. Her goal is to help you achieve that.

Sandra Hunter

Sandra’s passion is to understand why and how people lose muscle strength and power as they age, the differences between men and women, and determining the best exercise strategies and interventions to offset the loss of strength and muscle power that occurs with age.
Sandra is a Professor of Exercise Physiology and Director of both the Neuromuscular Physiology of Movement laboratory and the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center at Marquette University in the USA.